Chestzilla Adjustable Sunbathing Pillow, Inflatable Accessory for Swimming Pool, Beach or Camping, Easy to Inflate, Lightweight, Easy to Transport and Store

  • Easy To Inflate - In Just A Few Breaths and in Under 5 Minutes Chestzilla Pillow Will be Ready. The Inflatable Pillow Is Compact, Portable, Small, Light, Easy To Carry and Store at Home. Comes With a Resealable Bag to Store When not in Use.
  • Versatile Velcro Strap - Detachable Velcro Strap Makes Chestzilla's Pillow Inflatable be Easy to Adjust to the User Specific Shape and Size for Maximum Comfort. Simply Align the Velcro Along the Grooves in the Center of the Pillow and Pull as Tight as Needed.

ChestZilla is suitable for most body shapes and sizes!

While sunbathing on your stomach, it provides support to the chest. When you flip over to your back, ChestZilla aligns your neck and head.


To adjust Chestzilla, simply loop the velcro strap within the grooves. This handy feature enables you to adjust your ChestZilla to your desired shape and level of support support.


ChestZilla Petite is suitable for teens and smaller women!  This version does not have a velcro strap due to its smaller design, but it comes with a strap that can be attached to a towel to keep  it in place.