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My name is Christine Stanonis and I was born in Florida, the Sunshine State! I absolutely love everything the Florida lifestyle has to offer. First and foremost of course, is the beach! I am the type of person who likes to relax and clear my thoughts often to get through the daily hustle and bustle of the week. Visiting the beach, outside by the pool, or under a big oak tree are some of my favorite spots to do so! 

After continued efforts to relax and unwind at the beach, I found lying on my stomach to be very uncomfortable. My chest was compressed and uncomfortable, and it was not relaxing at all. I didn’t want to dig holes in the sand, trying to find comfort or to continuously just roll up a beach towel. Instead, I wanted a pillow designed with solving this problem in mind! So, that is how the idea of a supportive, inflatable, adjustable beach pillow for the chest was born. Now, about 12 months and 12 prototypes later, I welcome my sunbathing friend ChestZilla to the market!

I’m an energetic, kind soul who believes in the power of positivity. I believe that even something simple, like a smile, can impact a bad day. I believe in kindness to those around me, thoughtful actions for people I don’t know, words of encouragement to people who need it, and an ear to listen for those with a lot to say. Those things along with a heart full of joy makes for a full life. I have pride in the ChestZilla brand being built upon a foundation of nothing but heart. Like most of us in the world, I have dealt with the broken heart of losing a loved one to a disease. There is nothing worse than that, and nothing worse than watching a disease of any kind take someone you love.  My wonderful MOM, who is missed each and every day, fought her cardiac and kidney disease with nothing but strength and all heart! Regardless of the sickness or type of disease, they all wreak havoc on the people who are unfortunate to have them, along with their families. 

I have chosen to use my ChestZilla brand to help support a cause I believe in, in the hopes to make a difference in a stranger’s life, or maybe one day the life of someone close to me. ChestZilla is proud to announce our support for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. For every ChestZilla sold, one dollar will be donated to the Foundation to help fight for a cure. Each and every dollar adds up! Know that your purchase makes a difference and when ChestZilla supports, you do too! I am supporting this cause in special memory to my Aunt Phyllis, who fought her breast cancer with strength and grace. May everyone who suffers in sickness of any kind find strength and inner peace until the day that these diseases no longer exist.

ChestZilla supports in more ways than one.

Stop digging holes in the sand!

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