Do I need a pump to blow it up?

No. It can easily be blown up in just a few breaths and in under 5 minutes. You may also use any pool float pump for faster results.

How long until I get my order?

Normal shipping rates and times apply. Usually ships out next business day.

Does it come in multiple sizes?

No. ChestZilla is offered as one complete set, including the ChestZilla insert and inflatable pillow combined.  ChestZilla, which is ONE SIZE FITS MOST, is suitable for most body shapes and sizes. It can be adjusted to accommodate different breast sizes using the provided strap. Available colors are hot pink or white.

How do you attach the adjustable strap to the towel?

When the pillow is not in use or if it’s windy out, you can lightly attach the adjustable strap to the towel to hold it in place. Simply wrap the strap around any portion of the pillow and straighten, aligning the textured side along the towel. You may also simply use a towel clip to attach it (clip not included). Find the way that works for you; there are multiple ways you can try.

How do you adjust the pillow?

Take the provided adjustable black strip and place it  along the center grooves of the pillow, wrap around the center, and pull! The tighter you pull the strap, the smaller the space for your breasts becomes. Adjust ChestZilla for your specific breast size.

Is the strap attached to the pillow?

No, it is a separate 30-inch strip which is not attached. Wrap around any part of the pillow when not in use until the next time you need it.

Where can I use ChestZilla?

It is an inflatable pillow perfect for the beach, pool, camping, outdoors or any other place that you need! It’s easy to inflate, carry, and pack on the go. I use mine for massages, spa days, and at the chiropractor office. 

ChestZilla supports in more ways than one.

Stop digging holes in the sand!

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